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Community Resources

Community Resources has mental health resources and links to mental health service providers in your geographic area.

Canadian Mental Health Association: provides resources and information to professionals working in the field of youth mental health. developed by CAMH is a site where professionals can access information on different forums about mental health and substance abuse.  You have to request to join the site, but it is simple. was developed by researchers, practitioners and young people for young people. Children’s Mental Health Ontario has lots of information for youth, parents and professionals. is the Canadian Mental Health Association website and has information about mental health initiatives throughout Ontario. They send out a news blast and you can sign up to get it.

Employee Assistance Program:

Ministry of Labour:

Land Acknowledgement:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a UMAB Certificate last for?

A UMAB Certificate is valid one year from the completion of the course.

How does an Agency arrange a UMAB Training?

Agencies can connect with us via email or phone.

How many days is the UMAB Training?

"Orientation Program" to UMAB is the initial course a person must take to obtain a UMAB certificate the courses can be either two (no physical containments) or three (with physical containment) days in length.

“Continuing Education Program” is the recertification course that must be completed before the date of expiry on the person's current UMAB Certificate. The course would be either one day (if you completed the 2-day UMAB Orientation) or two days (if you completed the 3-day UMAB Orientation days in length.

How can I, as an individual receive UMAB Training?

By reaching out to us via email or phone. Also, by going to the Partners Page to see what is being offered in the community currently.


How do you become a UMAB Trainer?

After the completion of a UMAB Orientation Program, if your Agency is interested, we do offer a Train the Trainer Program, which is 5-days in length. The Trainer is only valid to train UMAB for the Agency that funded the training. Also, the trainer will need to recertify bi-annually, as per our policy of maintaining the highest level of Quality Assurance, Best Practice, Due Diligence and Professional Liability Extention.


Legislation on Physical

Restraints (Containments)

British Columbia
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia

Ministry of Community Social Services (MCSS):


Ministry of Children and Youth Services


Child, Youth and Family Service Act (CFYSA):


Youth Criminal Justice Act:

Other Legislations in Ontario


Mental Health Act:


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)-


Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act (Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) 2009 -


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:


Provincial Offences Act:


Human Rights Code:


Toronto Shelter Standards:


Ontario Ombudsman:


Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies

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