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"Peel Children's Aid Society began implementing UMAB within our residential group homes in 2001. Throughout the past 18 year s, we have gradually integrated UMAB, as well as other courses of Hy 'N' Hancement, such as Understanding and Managing Mental Health (UMMH). Currently we teach UMAB across various areas within our agency including foster care, child protection and administrative/reception. It is our belief, that the philosophy, to ls and course material, effectively assist our staff and foster caregivers in dealing with the safety and security of our clients in a proactive and respectful way. Further, Hy 'N'  Hancement has afforded our agency the opportunity to manage creatively anomaly situations pertaining to clients as they arise. Our agency always has as a focus proactive philosophy when interacting in potentially volatile situations. The contents within UMAB clearly have the same focus, which has enabled our staff, and foster caregivers to be highly successful."


E.S - Team Lead, CYW Support Program

Peel CAS

"Over the past several years, I have worked with individuals that present with a variety of complex special needs with highly aggressive behaviours in both children/ youth and adult capacity. I’m very familiar with several forms of crisis management interventions. I can say without a doubt in my mind that UMAB is by far the most effective, whether it is the verbal de-escalation techniques as well as the physical techniques. 


With that being said, when I created my agency supporting individuals with a variety of complex needs, I reached out to Hy ‘N’ Hancement Consulting Inc. for UMAB for training for my staff team. After the initial training,  I became a UMAB trainer for my company and I continue to discover and learn each time from all the trainers from Hy ‘N’ Hancement Consulting Inc. UMAB Trainers."

Alvin H. - Executive Director 

Aptitude Services


"There is a high demand for education and training as our social service system has become overwhelmed by individuals with complex special needs that require a high level of support. As an agency that has worked with high-risk individuals for over 15 years, it is essential for our staff to be trained in a system that meets the needs of the individuals we care for.  


The UMAB training system has supported us in successfully treating individuals that are resistant to conventional forms of treatment. UMAB has Provided our staff with training that has helped them communicate with our clients, establish a good rapport, creatively redirect, deescalate potentially violent situations and physically manage clients as a last resort. After completing the training, our staff have the tools they need to manage any situation confidently.  


Our agency used other training systems in the past, and we found that UMAB's quality of training and delivery of the program is far superior.  


On behalf of our organization, I would like to personally thank UMAB for all the hard work they have done in developing this program. Our agency is extremely grateful."


Jake Myers - Operations Manager 

Prodigy Residential Rehabilitation 

"Kinark Child and Family Services have been utilizing Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB) training at our Syl Apps location since becoming the operating body in 2000. The rest of the organization was completely converted over to UMAB in 2014.


During the time Kinark has been utilizing UMAB, Hy N Hancement Consulting Inc. has been supportive through the following measures:

- Consistently providing Train-the-Trainer orientation and refresher trainings to our agency trainers at times requested for our organization

- Providing trainer supports to modify and/or add on techniques during special circumstances with unique client needs

- Has provided site visits to help problem solve unique client needs to utilize UMAB effectively.


UMAB and Hy N Hancement have continued to have the versatility and support that our organization requires with our range of challenging clients to ensure staff and client safety. Kinark Child and Family Services looks forward to continuing with the use of UMAB and Hy N Hancement’s support delivering the program."


Shannon Van Dyk - Human Resources Business Partner

Kinark Child and Family Services 

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