August 14, 2020

Re: UMAB Training during the outbreak of Coronavirus – COVID-19

As we are all aware, the increasing concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are still escalating rapidly. Hy' N' Hancement Consulting Inc. is issuing an updated letter to all Agencies under our program to assure you that we will continue to assess the risks of contagion daily.


Hy' N' Hancement Consulting Inc. is fully supporting the Province of Ontario's plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is following protocol to practice social distancing. We are re-distributing this letter to notify all Agencies currently under our Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB) Program. We have declared a date extension under our extenuating circumstances for Agencies currently certified under our program. We have extended individual's certificates at this time for 3-months from expiry. After the initial 3-month extension, we will assess the situation on an individual basis. We also will continue to review this weekly to determine if we need to extend this further.  Agencies with UMAB Trainers, please feel free to contact us with extension details. 


(This extension is for Agencies that have staff certificates that expire from March 12, 2020-August 1, 2020)




Please Note:

As of July 16, 2020, the MCCSS has issued a memo to notify all agencies under the CYFSA, about the requirements of licencing and training in approved Crisis Intervention Programs with Physical Restraints. Please see PDF File Below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 








We are well aware that our UMAB Program requires staff to be in close proximity to one another as well as hands-on. If your Agency does decide to run a UMAB Training Program, it is based upon the Agencies' discretion, as it is required for Licencing. We highly recommend that Agencies utilize Provincial and Federal Health recommendations as a guideline. Currently, Ontario has limited the size of social gatherings to a maximum of 5 people in the GTA and the GTHA and a maximum of 10-20 people in the approved regions. During this time, we are allowing Agencies to complete the Verbal Component of the program via Video Conferencing until September 25, 2020. After September 25, 2020, training should be resumed in-person, unless the Agency directly contacts Hy' N' Hancement Consulting Inc. and speaks with Cortney Hyland. As for the Physical Component of the UMAB Program, please follow all medical precautions to ensure the safety of both the trainer and participants. The participants are required to wear face coverings during the physical component/ the UMAB Trainer at times may need to take their face covering off to relay information to the participants; if they do so, they need to stand 2+ meters away from participants.

Participants are not to attend the training if they have experienced the following symptoms in the past 2x weeks (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or have been in contact with a person that has tested positive with COVID-19).


Currently, we advise all UMAB Trainer's to remove the following physical techniques for the time being (unless one of these has occurred at your Agency in the last two years.):


  • Bear Hugs (hands trapped and hands out)

  • Frontal Choke

  • Rear Choke

  • Forearm Choke

  • Headlock Choke


At this time, we are currently offering Agencies under our program who have UMAB Trainers a few options for recertification as we begin to adapt our training to incorporate different methods of teaching the hands-on component of our program. As we start to transition back into in-person, there will be pre-caution put into place to ensure the safety of the trainer and the participants. At this time, we are offering training for agencies that are required under the CYFSA legislation. We are still available as support and resources to the companies under our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in regards to our UMAB Training and status of current certificates.




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